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Side Hustle Coffee Roasters Co is a small batch artisan coffee roaster committed to offering the finest selection of artisan roasted coffee beans by marrying science and sensibility. Side Hustle Coffee Roasters Co is a startup developed in May 2020 during the COVID 19 Global Pandemic. The co-founders, John Bradford and Todd Gerkey wanted to ensure that their local community would have access to quality craft coffee during the quarantine. Side Hustle Coffee Roasters Co sources the highest quality green beans and uses a hydrogen sulfide free roasting process. We fresh-roast the best coffee in the world in small batches for our customers. By roasting small batches we can provide freshly roasted beans to our customers within a few days of being roasted. Our beans are not sitting around waiting to be sold. We are happy to be able to offer these locally roasted beans from our kitchen to yours. After all, Fresh is Best!

Limited Edition:

A nice entry into Kenyan Coffee. It is best roasted to a medium temperature, which bears a syrupy molasses and starts with notes of chocolate and caramel. As the coffee cools a nice orange citrus note takes over to balance the cup. A new favorite of Todd’s!

Organic Sumatra

From the Gayo region of Indonesia, an organic bean that has an array of earthy spices that mix agreeably with a syrupy body and notes of dark chocolate, caramels and black tea. A great cup of coffee and excellent for cold press. Preferred roast is Dark.

Finca El Jardin

We are partnering with Guatemalan coffee farmer, Pablo del Cid and his wife Eva, to bring you delicious specialty grade coffees without a middle man!

Online Ordering

We offer the freshest coffee roasted to your specifications. We roast every Wednesday evening and saturdays, ensuring the freshest coffee upon PICKUP AT ONE OF OUR LOCATIONS